You Will Not Have Anything New To Buy: 14 Essential Tricks That You Must Know If You Want Your House Is Always Clean And In Perfect Order

For the next 14 tricks are simply perfect for keeping your home clean, and more importantly, they are all very simple and economical. Buddha assured that each of these tricks work!

1. Microwave
Squeeze a little soap on a wet sponge and then rub to form foam. Leave a sponge microwave, turn on the power and set the minimum to 30 seconds. Open the door and wipe the microwave oven inside. In this way, cleaning the microwave is not just easier this way, but like i remove odors and microbes that will soak the sponge.

2. Mattresses
As time passes, the mattresses are increasingly dirty weather. To re-looked like they were brand new, you just need to sprinkle baking soda, leave for a few hours and then suck. All traces of odor and dirt will disappear. Also you can do with the old sofa or armchair.

3. Boards cutting
Combination of salt and lemon is excellent for cleaning of wooden planks with shredding.
Board sprinkle with salt, then scrub the half lemon. After that, simply rinse with warm water.

4. Toaster
With the help of an old toothbrush, you can clean all hard to reach places in the toaster.

5. Taps
Faucets wipe the surface with wax paper as water stains not occurred for a long time.

6. Irons
At the ironing board put the paper and sprinkle with salt. Heat set to maximum, taking into account the fact that there is no water in it, and that is a function of the steam off. Are moving slowly through the salt – this will do wonders against dirt.

7. Cutlery
Piece of chalk wrapped in gauze put in a box or drawer where hold silverware. This will prevent the loss of gloss or silverware to come to permanent damage.

8. Clothing
Fatty stains from clothes you can easily otarati by chalk crumble after FLEC. Chalk simply rub the stain, and in a few hours will absorb the grease movement completely. This method is most effective when it comes to fresh stains.

9. Awnings
Cleaning venetian blinds can last for a long time and be very inconvenient. Few people actually realize that it can use an old sock to clean the individual parts of the Venetian with a minimal amount of effort.

10. Pans
Use of salt is the best way to clean the pan. So absorbs oil and helps remove stubborn stains. Leave in the pan for a while, then rinse and rub until dry.

11. Carpets

In volume 1: 2 mix part vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the stain on the carpet and cover them with a damp cloth. Turn the iron and set the mode steam iron hover around 30 seconds over the fabric.

12. Sinks
Sink clean by using baking soda and an old toothbrush and then put a few slices of lemon into the drain and let the water in order to flush out the best way your sink.

13. Windows
Windows clean in the usual way, or rub them dry paper. This method will help remove all the stains and the windows will shine.

14. Odors
One teaspoon of vanilla extract Pour into the pan, then place the dish in a preheated oven. Your house will smell beautiful, but all the odors will disappear.