You Know What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda?

You will be less hungry Regardless of what manufacturers claim of sweet soda, some of them are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, and it will certainly cause an increase in body weight. “Artificial …


“Artificial sweeteners affect our sense of satiety. Our bodies are evolutionarily developed so that the expected intake of large amounts of calories when you consume something very sweet and artificial sweeteners are 400 to 8 thousand times sweeter than sugar, so our body expects higher intake of food! “Explained Izabel Smit for the Eat This, Not that!

2. You’ll look younger

Today, people spend more money on creams to prevent the formation of wrinkles and similar preparations in order to stay youthful. However, that out of their diet sugary soft drinks, they would have much less invested in such cosmetics.A recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that daily consumption of carbonated soft drinks causing cell death as skin and its aging and smoking tobacco products.

3. It will reduce you body weight

Whether you some manufacturers claim that when they buy a diet carbonated products, it is difficult that it means that this will be reflected on your diet or weight.

4. Rarely will get sicker

Acidity in carbonated drinks cause damage to the digestive system, leading to damage tooth enamel and increase acid reflux. Are diet sodas are especially dangerous to your stomach and much stronger influence on the body’s system.“The researchers found that artificial sweeteners can affect bacteria in our stomach, which in turn can affect the level of sugar in the blood, the immune system and how our body reacts to infection,” explains Smit. In addition, regular consumption of carbonated products increases the risk of diabetes and bad LDL cholesterol and causes such as the risk of heart disease.

5. reduce the amount of hidden fat

Dangerous fat that are hidden in some everyday foods can be found in sodas. You may not be aware of the risks of certain health problems that occur in your body because you will not see the changes in your body. But, the study of Danish scientists showed how does the effect of carbonated soft drinks have on our body during a certain peirod. Respondents were given to drink soda with sugar, milk, which has the same number of calories as the juice, diet soda and water, and the subjects to consume half a year. The total amount of fat in the body remains the same in all groups, but those who drink sweetened soft drinks experienced a drastic increase in harmful hidden fat that has accumulated in the liver and other organs.

6. It will reduce the risk of bone fracture

Toffee in some sodas containing artificially created phosphorus that can fairly long-term negative effect on bone health, experts say. Phosphorus is a naturally-occurring chemicals that can be found in foods such as beans, or its mutant variants which can be found in dark fizzy drinks in our body behave like a guest who does not want to leave our house. “In your body you enter something that exists in nature, but it is in this case hyper absorbent,” says Smith, adding: “Your body has no choice whether to absorb or release, so that may affect calcium located in the bones, a particularly bad for anyone who has a kidney disease. ”

7. You will have more energy

Many people drink carbonated drinks that have caffeine in it to stay awake, have more energy and, of course, drowned thirst, and in fact this is the reason why they are more tired and thirsty. “Drinking too much caffeine can lead to dehydration and excessive stimulation of the nervous system which leads to dizziness and fatigue,” explains Smit