Get Rid Of Gastritis And Bloating This Drug Will Save The Intestinal Flora!

Gastritis is a common disease, and represents inflammation of the stomach.This condition is accompanied by bleeding, pain, heartburn, loss of appetite and a bloated feeling. Gastritis can be activated: A bad diet stress can -Smoking -the drugs or consuming drugs Consumption alcohol in natural medicines are much more effective than conventional and therefore you should try them. Of course, nutrition is an important factor and therefore enter a healthy diet and one that suits your digestive system. Ginger and pear РPeel these ingredients, clean and put to cook. The resulting juice drink every morning, suitable to act on the stomach. Rice water РRice is very good for the digestive system, its water has many medicinal properties. In 1 liter of water put 2 cups of rice and allow to cook. When cool, drain the water and drink it during the day. Of course, you can eat the rice. The juice of crushed celery РPut the celery and 2 carrots in a blender and make a paste. It will help your stomach, and will reduce heartburn.