Why Every Third Day You Should Eat Broccoli

If you regularly eat broccoli, you can reduce your chances of getting a heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer, a new study shows.

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The flavonoids that are found in this “superfood” help the body to fight the disease, say scientists.

Consumption of broccoli every three days you can strengthen the immune system and suppress inflammation.

Scientists believe suna step to the creation of genetically modified green vegetables with higher doses of phenol.

“Phenols have excellent antioxidant properties and there is increasing evidence that the key to combat inflammation in mammalian organisms,” says Dr. Jack Juvik geneticist at the University of Illinois.

“People whose diet consists of foods rich in phenols are less risk of inflammatory diseases.”

Phenols are tasteless and stable, which means that it does not destroy the high temperature.When they enter the body absorb them and sends in particular Telova body or concentrate in the liver.

They are then spread through the blood and reduce inflammation antioxidant activity.

The human body itself does not produce phenols, which means that they consume diet. The best source of the cabbage family, and doctors recommend that you eat them every three days.