What Kind of 12 Things That Your Tongue is Spoken About Your Health


Our tongues can provide essential information about our health. Knowledge of the state language comes from Chinese medicine, which examined the health of the language for thousands of years, through three factors – the color, shape and texture.

Yellow coating refers to increased body heat, which is a sign of inflammation or bacterial infection.

Stripped language as one in which the tongue can peel and easy to remove. This means that the person has exhausted his body to the end. At the same time, this condition is related to allergies and autoimmune diseases. It’s a sign that you need to slow down.

In Chinese medicine, language is an extension of the heart and its color represents the blood health. And how blood nourishes the body language to a healthy person should be pale pink and indicate a good circulation.

 Language is dimmed indicates a problem in the digestive system, feeling cold, fatigue, bloating …Suh language indicates anemia, which Escale in women than men, and brings with insomnia, memory problems, dizziness, anemia, anxiety, chapped lips … light red tongue almost always causes a pathological condition which leads to the infection. Initially, only the top in red, and finally the color switch to whole language, which indicates inflammation of blood. In children, it is a reaction to inflammation and adult cardiac fire – the result of insomnia and anxiety.

Language with red sides is probably a sign of over-consumption of spices or fatty foods and alcohol, and also occurs in people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Purple tongue is a sign of long-term inflammation, and is more common in people with a lack of nutrients, such as vitamin B2, and in women with severe menstrual cycle.

Bluetongue is a sign of an emergency medical needs, a sign of cyanosis – insufficient oxygen tissue, which is a common occurrence in blood disorders, heart dysfunction and the like.

Yellow is not a common language and he preconditioning hairy tongue, and can be a sign of jaundice.

Black tongue rarely occurs as a sign of illness, but as birth defects and is usually permanent. However, black can occur when too much food accumulate in the language and therefore grows and the number of bacteria. And then the tongue turns yellow, then brown and finally black.

The best time to clean the time morning hygiene, the quiet and empty stomach. The procedure is simple.Extend your tongue, take your scraper to its ends and gently move on its surface.