Water As A “Healthy”, But These Eight Foods Avoid A Wide Berth!

We share with you which are 8 ingredients in question, but that are really healthy choices when it comes to food.



1. Energy bars
This type of snacks are usually sold in gyms and recreation centers, however, the ingredients are such that often has a lot of sugar and undercover name. I would rather eat an apple for a snack or a carrot.

2. Fruit yogurt with 0% or 1% fat
These yogurts were bait for those who want to lose weight, however, they are full of sugar.They are good for people with high cholesterol, but they are far from the healthiest foods. I would rather choose type of Greek yogurt.

3. Frozen Yogurt
Frozen yogurt is a tasty treat indeed – but still this delicacy. Although there is nothing yogurt contains fewer calories than any ice cream.

4. Smut
Fruit is very healthy, this we all know, however, when you mix several types of fruit that has fruit sugar can exceed the recommended daily dose of sugar and bring much more than is healthy.

5. Granule
Granules have a lot of sugar and fat and, although the delicious food that appears to be completely healthy, not exactly.In fact, do not think it will go the pounds if you eat in the morning some of the buy fresh muesli.

6. Frozen Healthy Food
All who are often in a hurry to buy food that can heat up to speed in a microwave oven. To have the illusion that they are buying healthy food that has a label “low-fat”. However, there’s a trap! They in themselves have a lot of additives, which you will agree, it’s not a great solution.

7. Dried Fruits
Not all, fortunately! Apricots, plums, grapes, dates and figs are fruits that do not add sugar on drying. Mango and blueberries, on the other hand, should not eat in large quantities.

8. Vegan Dessert
This type of dessert does not contain live stock products, but they contain fat and carbohydrates. Also, it is often a vegan dessert is coconut sugar, which is healthier than regular, but it has the same effect on blood pressure.

What should eat fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked meals and, if not buy with money eat, let what has up to 5 ingredients. Be careful, though health is concerned.