Valuable Uses of Lemon Zest

Lemon is a popular citrus which is undoubtedly useful for making a refreshing beverage or as a supplement to enrich the flavor of dishes. But then strain the juice, many of us simply throw away the rind. Do you do it because you can not even imagine what treasure practice. Believe it or not, that part of the lemon is very useful.


  • In the kitchen, for some meals lemon zest an excellent spice to achieve a sweet and sour taste. Lemon peel can be made as citric paper, which can be used as an excellent additive spices in the preparation of fish and chicken. Also, it can make delicious candied sweet lemon or ice cubes.

    Lemon zest can also be used in other parts of your home, such as:

  • Grease remover and disinfectant
  • Means for pest control
  • Refreshment refrigerator
  • Freshener smell of trash
  • To clean the cutting board
  • Freshener and deodorant for your dishwasher
  • Scented Candle
  • Cleaner metals

If you are impressed enough with this, you will be surprised how lemon can be helpful to our health and beauty. Here are some the benefits from the use of lemon peel that you did not know:


Reduces the risk of cancer.
It is known that lemon zest is effective in removing carcinogenic substances that cause this terrible disease because it contains antimicrobial properties.

And provides shine on the skin.
Rub the face with a zest to get shiny and healthy skin.

Removes deterioration travel.
Zest and other citrus fruits helps to ease the deteriorating when seasick.

Used as nail whiteners.
Lemon peel can be used for whitening of her dark nails caused by too much paint.

Lightens age spots.
Dark spots and patches appear on the skin of an older age can be removed with zest. They simply need to apply the bark of the affected areas and leave an hour. But then this should avoid the sun because it can have an adverse effect on the skin and these places can become even darker.

It is used as a skin toner.
Lemon skin can be applied directly to the face and serve as a cheap and natural toner. Just easily rub your face, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Then rinse with water.

Used as an anti-acne.
Acne is common among teens who have just entered puberty. And the juice of this fruit is a natural cleanser that helps fight acne.


It is used to soak the feet.
Boiled zest combined with other ingredients such as almond or cow’s milk and olive oil, are natural humidifiers Foot and softeners to remove parched skin.

It used to soften dry elbows.
Lemon juice mixed with a little baking soda can help cracked and dry skin on elbows. First, cut a lemon in half apply the baking soda and then put the lemon on top and press in a similar way as when draining the fruit.