This Will Revitalize You: Proven Russian Natural Painkillers In The Spine And Joints (RECIPE)

All we have now chronic back pain and joint pain due to walking on the asphalt, sitting in offices and not movement.


We suggest garlic oil that heals these problems.

This natural remedy can to keep your joints in good condition, reduce pain and also eliminate many of the problems associated with these ailments.

Recipe for painful joints and back Clean 300 – 400 grams of garlic and finely chop it, put in a jar and pour it with 1 liter of good quality, unrefined vegetable oil, preferably olive or sunflower oil.

Close the jar lid and leave in a dark place at room temperature, to stand for two weeks. Do not forget to shake the contents of the jar every day. At the end you will get the oil of garlic, which should seep through 3-4 layers of gauze or twice through a small plastic strainer.

How to use this natural remedy?

The oil is rubbed into the sore spots, for example in the lower back at osteochondrosis, back pain or joint pain in the hands and feet when arthrosis.

It covers the nylon bag and kept cool overnight. Garlic improves blood circulation to sore joints thus helps establish their functions.

The treatment should last two months. Prior to the use of natural resources required to consult with the doctor.