This Natural Antibiotic Cures Any Inflammation Of The Bladder

Whoever had a urinary tract infection knows how painful it can be and persistent. The constant feeling that you must urinate even though it does not prosper, stabbing pain and the pressure. And once you manage to pee feeling extremely ill. But some natural antibiotics can effectively help with inflammation of the bladder One in five women each year get inflammation of the bladder, and each other at least once in their lives. The infection caused by the bacteria E. coli. In most cases, the disease itself goes. No doctor can consult if symptoms of cystitis – going to the toilet every 10 minutes and very painful burning sensation when urinating – persist longer than 36 hours after the home therapy, if you notice a discharge or blood in the urine, back pain, chills or a fever. Go to the doctor if the attacks of cystitis often repeat this if you are pregnant.

But how to get rid of it in a natural way we bring you one of the most popular natural antibiotics that after the first chick should remove this unpleasant problem. Although many bacteria are sometimes come back like a boomerang some natural remedies may prevent it. When the 4 natural ingredients, each with its calming effects together, we get a powerful drug, which helps verified and those who have for years stubbornly fought against E. coli bacteria. Recipe for a natural antibiotic mixed in the right proportion, parsley root, lemon, honey and olive oil to its powerful antibiotic and antiviral action to remove annoying bacteria. Ingredients: 250 g parsley root250 g lemon rind with 250 g of honey (can sage) 2 dl olive oil Preparation:Root parsley and lemon rind to be finely chopped, and then all the ingredients, including honey and olive oil, in a blender Mixing up. You will get mushy mass that needs to be kept in the refrigerator. Every morning I should take one tablespoon. After spending the entire amount of the bacteria made more should not be. Note: While it would be good purchased from a trusted beekeeper, lemon there should be local unsprayed. If lemon still buy in the shop put it to rest in cold water to which you add a little baking soda.Then you rinse well. Parsley root is also needed a good wash. What else can you do for your bladder and urinary tract? Drink plenty of water Although this does not sound like any particular medication just enough fluid intake the most important thing you can do for your bladder. In addition to water can help to ‘wash’ the bacteria is even more important that we have that when you urinate it out. Take the recommended eight glasses of water and even more, and this will accelerate the process of ‘cleaning’ of bacteria. Have regular toilet Do not hold your urine or delay going to the toilet. The retention will help bacteria to multiply even more. Regular going to the bathroom reduce their number and the chance that the infection flare. Drink tea made from parsley Parsley acts as a diuretic, and in addition to this refreshing drink will accelerate the healing process. To mitigate or prevent urinary tract infection it is necessary to drink parsley tea. Tea requires two teaspoons of dried parsley and 250 ml of water. The boiled water put parsley and leave to stand for 6-10 minutes. Nibble cucumber Due to the high amount of water contained in this vegetable is ideal for ‘cleaning’ the bladder.It will provide enough water and help to easily get rid of bacteria. Heat the lower body The urinary infections belly is not only painful when urinating.The infection can cause constant uncomfortable pain in the lower part. To lighten can help heat will relax the muscles and eliminate spasms that cause pain. For this you can use a hot water bottle. Drink uvin tea (not in combination with cranberries) tea bearberry (uvin tea) is most effective when the urine is alkaline, and should not be taken simultaneously with vitamin C, cranberries or sour juices.