This Is The 5 Most Common Cancers In Women! Get Information At The Time …

Cancer is unfortunately a very common disease. In our articles, we talked a lot that natural remedies have great power to kill cancer cells and treat patients in the last stages.

Therefore, it is important to zdarvo Harn and have healthy habits. Some foods that we mentioned were: čuvarkuća, lemon, natural juices of beetroot, fruit etc.

Chemotherapy kills bad, but the good cells and bad body. Natural drugs only kill the bad and strengthen our body.

These are some of the most common types of cancer and their symptoms:

Breast cancer

Breast cancer is common in women and so regular review. If you notice a lump, go to a doctor. Not necessarily immediately to the cancer, but it is important to review.

Do not use deodorant, but using baking soda or preparations that do not have heavy metal salts that cause cancer.

There are some symptoms of this disease:

-Pain in the chest
-Change in size Gudi
-Skin changes Bowel cancer is also common.

You must  attention because this cancer usually develops from benign tumors from lower-polyp. It is essential that the polyp at the time removed, and then all will be well.


Stomach ache The blood in the stool -often chairs and feeling that you are uncomfortable with what you eat -nage weight loss.

Ovarian cancer, uterine symptoms:

-Transgression menstruation -nage weight loss Pain in the pelvis, stomach, lower part more typically -change Šker, or is darker, has it more and stronger the smell -Konstantan murder Lung cancer This cancer is most often caused by smoking.

-A cough
-Expectoration blood Pain in the chest
-Difficulty breathing, inability of consuming a deeper breath, strange sounds while breathing
-Loss weight
-Fatigue Skin Cancer Melanoma is also dangerous, and most often occurs due to tanning and excessive sun exposure.

You need to be exposed to the sun for 15 minutes a day, doing a sufficient intake of vitamin D. It is therefore exposed to the sun in normal amounts, if you will be exposed longer, consider using the cream for protection. By no means do not go to solariums because you are not even aware what all problems LIMP get, and even cancer. Pay attention to the skin, if you’ve heard any dots, creation. If you have moles, I note that there has been any change specifically to them, whether it’s changing the color or the red dot.