This Flower Is A New “Weapon” For Weight Loss! Supported By The Doctor

2015, for clinical study has recruited obese participants aged 18-65 years. The study lasted twelve weeks and was conducted in Germany.

Half of the study participants received two 450 mg tablets of hibiscus extract three times a day, while the other half received two tablets three times per day of sugar.

After the analysis the researchers found that participants who took hibiscus extract reduced the ratio of waist and percentage of body fat.Although weight loss was modest, the results were encouraging.

The results of this study confirm that hibiscus may affect the healthy lifestyle and the constant weight reduction.

In the event that your palate does not like the taste of hibiscus tea supplements are available in tablet form. Although

Hibiscus is not a miracle weight loss, its healthy properties can offer support for your body to maintain a healthy weight and fight against various diseases.