These Changes In The Chest Every Woman Needs To Know!


Women’s breast can tell a lot about overall health. Here’s what you need to pay attention!

Large and small, pointed or rounded, with pink nipples or brown in any case, beautiful, breasts, reveal a lot about health. And while we do not mean breast cancer.Control is definitely required. Does your chest can reveal much more.

Breast Ascending
If breast growth, it is most often due to cultivation, given that they are mainly composed of fatty tissue. Other reasons may be pregnant, because the milk ducts wider in order to prepare for breastfeeding. Also contributing to this phenomenon and the pill and the menstrual cycle, with regard to react to changes in the level of estrogen and progesterone in the blood. In any case, no excessive concerns. Besides you will need to purchase a new bra.

In addition to weight loss, the main reason for the decline in estrogen levels, either due to the cessation of the use of pills or impending menopause. If the reduction can not attribute any of these causes, especially if it is accompanied by loss of hair, acne and facial hair, test to polycystic ovary syndrome. The syndrome is characterized by the growth of testosterone. And maybe just drink too much coffee – British study showed that three of coffee a day can reduce the milk ducts.

They change shape
DNA determines the shape, but it changes over time.

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“The shape and appearance depend on time, labor and breastfeeding,” said Daniel Mejman surgeon who specialized in breast. Due to aging and breastfeeding, the connective tissue has a skinĀ losesĀ elasticity, and gravity becomes the enemy. The most important is the quality, proper bra. Besides heavy child and yo-yo because of fluctuations in weight stretch the skin. Doctor advises Mejman ii exercises that strengthen the muscles chest, so they act more firmly and more vivid.

During the menstrual cycle, the breasts can get lumps because of benign cysts filled with fluid.

“The woman you have your period, such as fibrocystic changes in the breast part of the normal material,” says gynecologist Loren Strajher. Such bumps are most often on the side of the chest, near the armpit or nipple. They may be sensitive, even painful to the touch, especially before menstruation. But, still warns that controls the mandatory, especially when you first appear, or if you are in menopause.

Large breasts
Although some studies have linked larger breasts with a higher risk of breast cancer is insufficient evidence for concern. That is, endowed women should not be afraid of breast cancer, or as much as ladies with other breast size.

Almost half of women have dense breasts, or more connective tissue and glands. The biggest problem is that in these breast tumors harder to spot on a mammogram. In addition, some studies have shown that these women at increased risk of cancer. Except that should confer with doctors about other tests, such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging, women with dense breasts should be especially committed to regular self-examination, said Dr. Mejman, and to contact a doctor immediately if something unusual.

Lot can chest pain, and most cause is harmless.,

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“The pain in both breasts is often due to hormonal changes and too much caffeine” said Strajher. Other causes are poor bra, PMS, slight bumps in the breasts, and even intense exercise or carrying bags over just one shoulder.

Inverted nipples
Are completely normal if you have them all his life. But if you suddenly notice that the drawn, immediately contact a doctor.Immediately.

“Breast cancer is one of the causes of breast feeding,” said Strajher. He added that, however, make sure that not only the current problem, for example due to a sports bra where you are sleeping.