These Are Very Important Differences Between Normal Childbirth And Caesarean Section! Stay Informed On Time

Caesarean section is sometimes definitely necessary, but often women know to decide on it, and without any need. This is not good because the Caesarean section a lot riskier than vaginal delivery, may lead to heavy kravernja, emerging blood lumps, and even death.

Recovering from a caesarean section is very painful and takes up to 6 weeks, while the vaginal takes about 2 weeks. The research found that women undergoing cesarean sections, exposed to the risk of uterine rupture, injury to the bladder and bowel. If you are the first child born in a caesarean birth of another child with a vaginal birth, it becomes riskier. However, there are cases where caesarean section is recommended, and these are the cases when:

The baby has an abnormal heartbeat

There is a problem with the placenta


The baby is large and upside down

Your contractions are not strong enough

The umbilical cord is extremely tight

Wear twins who are very small or poorly positioned

You have diabetes and high blood pressure which can lead to complications, including damage to the body. It is important to be well informed, and consult with a doctor about these options. Do not decide on a caesarean section, if you do not need. It is important to think carefully and decide what is best for you.