These Are The Best Elixirs Of honey, Walnuts, Garlic And Vinegar To cure Many Diseases!


We bring you the best folk recipes for natural elixirs for various ailments and diseases. All you need is honey, garlic, walnuts and vinegar.

Among the most soporific and reinforces dream. If a spoonful of honey during the evening is not enough for sound sleep, folk medicine recommends the following recipe: In a smaller cup of honey to add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.Half an hour after that dream will come to your eyes. In case of serious insomnia should take two teaspoons of this mixture.Repeat in the case of waking up during the night.

When anemia is necessary to prepare a mixture of one pound of honey, a pound of ground walnuts and one lemon. Everything is well mixed and collected every three to four hours. The mixture is good for recovery anemic and exhausted people.

For the treatment of hypertension and the lack of iron should be taken every 100 grams of nuts with the same amount of honey, at least 45 days.

Honey and nuts are very effective. Tablespoon of honey with three to four walnuts not only an extraordinary delicacy, but also a great natural remedy for headaches, insomnia, sclerosis.

Healing ulcers passes quickly and effectively if half an hour before meals take five to six teaspoons walnut milk, which will be prepared in the following manner: 20 grams of ground walnuts Pour 100 grams of warm boiled water, shake well, strain and add two tablespoons of honey .

The following recipe renewed strength of the body and is very good for asthma and difficulty breathing: a kilogram of honey, juice of ten lemons and juice of ten cloves of garlic stir well and let it sit for a week in a sealed jar. You drink it once a day for four spoons and letting the juice is slowly leaking through the throat. It needs to drink regularly during the two months to achieve the desired effect.

The flu, it is this famous folk remedy of honey and garlic: cleaned garlic mashed need (to make porridge) and mix with linden honey compared to 1: 1. Take one tablespoon (you in warm water a little dilute) before bedtime.