The Infusion Of 2 Ingredients That You Probably Have In The House, Clean Your Blood Of Bad Cholesterol (RECIPE)

Do you think that drugs and alcohol is the most dangerous substances? You’re wrong, dangerous substance, today, is cholesterol.Here’s how to remove it from the body.


Most people, when they do a blood test, has really poor results with respect to cholesterol, and if we consider that cardiovascular diseases are among the biggest killers of our time, the importance of this fact is even greater.Cholesterol in the blood is killing us, and this is mainly due to poor diet and stressful lifestyle.

Stress can not influence, but because the food we can, and our nation clearly shows that “the health enters the mouth.” Therefore, one should know what to eat and drink in order to have good health.

Parsley contains a very useful ingredient, including the essential fatty acids and flavonoids. Fats give a strong parsley flavor, while flavonoids have the strength to fight against dangerous compounds and toxins.

When mixed with lemon juice, parsley not only stimulates the circulation, but also reduces the amount of cholesterol in your body. This blend has helped many people to recover so quickly that the doctors were surprised.

– 1.5 liter of water
– 3 stalks of parsley medium size
– 1 kg of lemon
– Very little baking soda

Wash the lemon soda Sodom.
Leave the lemon in cold water for an hour. Heat the water until it boils, then leave to cool. When the water is cool, chop the parsley and lemon and insert them into the water. Cover the bowl and leave it in the fridge for a day. After 24 hours mix ingredients.

Use 10 ml of this mixture daily and keep it in the fridge.