Tattoos Are Cure If You Have More Than One, You Will Be Healthy

The new discovery was a surprise to us – tattoos act as a vaccine to the immune system. But. You must have more than one.


We are familiar with the dangers and risks of tattooing carries, but it also has health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system. Here’s the thing.

After his first tattoo when people see a drop of immunoglobulin A antibodies of the immune system and the level of cortisol – a stress hormone, is increasing. But at the other tattoos, immunoglobulins levels drop very little (compared to the first), which indicates that the body’s immune system is strengthened. Each following strengthens the immune system even more.

His study experts¬†from the University of Alabama conducted on 24 women and five men aged from 18 to 47 years. They say the act of tattooing as a vaccine to boost the immune system. They note that it takes more research to confirm this thesis. But, according to the first results of this is indeed the case. Even with all the details of the research published in the journal “American Journal of Human Biology.”

Scientists  also say that injecting ink into the skin cells more than once has an equal effect on the body as exercise. Tattooing is a great stress for the body, because he does not understand what is happening, and they respond much like exercise at the gym