STOP NOW: Just Eating 2 Pieces A Day Increases The Risk Of Pancreatic Cancer

Researchers from Stockholm recently published a study that found that people who eat 2 slices of bacon a day have a 19% higher chance of developing pancreatic cancer than those who do not.

As there are no early tests, pancreatic cancer kills more than any other cancer. Unfortunately, 74% of patients with pancreatic cancer die within the first year of diagnosis, and only 7% of them will live more than five years.

The researchers found a strong association between the intake of processed meat and cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Thus, they concluded that the processed meat linked to mortality and to 3.3% of deaths could have been prevented if they are eating less than 20 grams. processed meat daily.

The key point in this research are nitrates, a substance that is added as a preservative and gives the products the color red.

Various studies have long linked nitrates with cancer, so it is safe to bacon and other processed meats cause cancer of the pancreas and other types of cancer!

Reducing the risk of these cancers would be easier if we pay attention to the food that we take into our bodies.

Enjoy your favorite meat products such as bacon should be only in moderation and only in this way could be part of a healthy lifestyle!

Share this with your friends and warn them of the consequences of excessive consumption primarily in pork and meat.