She Lost 95 Pounds And Changed 10 Of Sizes. But This Is Not The End

Haley (22) had a problem with being overweight since the age of four. She spent days in the hospital because doctors are trying to solve its problem of excessive weight. She did it, lost weight is 95 kilograms. But she still has 10 pounds of excess skin. Seeking help for an operation.


The children were merciless toward her. She had many friends and never participated in extracurricular activites. And then she was like teenage girls found to have polycystic ovaries and urgently needs an operation. She removed one ovary a cyst from her drawn four liters of liquid. She knew, she said, it would also affect its hormonal balance, but also the difficulty in making your family in the future.

– In addition to the physical pain that accompanied it all, it’s much impact on my emotional state, so I began to re-precipitated pounds – story.


A 2010 she learned that he was suffering from diabetic type 2. She had to go into surgery the stomach.

– I cried for hours when the doctor said it. It was the final blow. I knew that I had to be awakened. Or to be threatened by the end of life – story.

Before the operation was on a strict program of baby. A surgery has completely changed her life. She began to lose weight 8i off entire 95 kilograms. Now, he says, has a lot more energy and confidence. Still skinny, and solve the problem of diabetes.

Currently raising funds for a new operation. It is necessary to take off another 10 pounds of skin left after weight loss process. And $ 50,000. She filed a help page.

– Although my parents and friends telling us that it is not necessary to me like i love you, I need you to do – says Haley. I want to go further, to be active, to meet the world.