Revealed Miraculous Gen: Recovered Heart And Cures cancer!

Science  is on the verge of a great discovery, that will help us to deal with the most serious illnesses of today. If we can “break” mechanisms that turn on and off this gene, all the great plagues will be history.


The latest medical breakthrough is a huge step forward in the treatment of serious illness. Found the gene that will be able to completely heal your heart, or cancer.

Experts are said to have discovered the gene that influences the development of blood vessels, and this is important because it can cure heart disease, or cancer, writes Independent.

Constraint of this gene prevents early expansion of blood vessels, and what is even more important, as scientists say, is that with the help of it can be renewed, and damaged blood vessels.

– The ability to create healthy blood vessels is extremely important because it provides the normal flow of blood throughout the body and nutrition of all its cells – said study author Professor Stuart Cook of Britain’s National Institute for the heart and lungs.


The effects of this discovery should be the long term solution to heart problems, and it will be possible to treat cancer.

Previous research was based on how to reduce the blood supply to tumors that they would not grow, while the latest idea that the supply of oxygen to these dangerous growths completely interrupted. This would lead to a gradual reduction of the tumor, and thus can be treated and cancer.

– The next important step is to prove that this gene is essential for the reconstruction of the heart muscle and blood vessels that are directly associated with him – says Dr. Rizwan Ahmed, one of the scientists on the project.

This research is now conducted on mice and zebra fish.