Reduces Stomach if You Eat Less?

Reducing waist size by changing diet, or if we eat less, with adequate exercise, it’s definitely possible.


However, the question is whether it can reduce the capacity of the stomach, so you eat less.

In theory, it is believed that if we eat less, our stomach is reduced, then we are less hungry. We stop the process of gaining weight and live a life as light as a feather.

Sounds perfect until you know how little it actually someone should eat in order to achieve such an effect. Studies have shown that if overweight want to reduce the stomach by 75 percent, must eat only 600 calories a day.

Even if you manage to reduce the volume of the stomach, it does not mean that you will reduce the feeling of hunger.

Lepin and ghrelin, chemical compounds, hormones, are responsible for creating a sense of hunger. When you reduce the amount of food we eat into the body, increases the production of ghrelin and lepina. “This means, as the stomach smaller to greater hunger,” explains Li. Weight Loss starvation is the worst thing you can do your body. Not only is it healthy, it is not even effective. Half of the people that starvation is trying to lose weight, go back to the old weight or can be further¬†gaining weight.

“The capacity of the stomach is the most important item when it comes to weight loss,” adds Li and highlights how to lose weight may be the establishment of control over the work of ghrelin and lepina. Foods rich in fiber and protein achieves just that, hormonal balance that reduces hunger and increases calorie consumption.

“A larger number of smaller meals and at least seven hours of sleep daily basis for the proper functioning of the hormones that regulate hunger,” says gastro-enterologist.