RECOMMENDED THAT EVEN FROM DOCTOR: Drinking And Stronger Than Drug – Destroys Cholesterol And burns Fat!

This recipe is designed to assist in the reduction of cholesterol and fat loss in a very short time.


For the positive impact a prescription by the fact that even doctors recommend their patients with high levels of cholesterol.

All the ingredients in the drink are very healthy and will help the body to fight a number of diseases and combined together represent an excellent tool for destruction of cholesterol and fat.


– 2 Liters of filtered water
– 2 Bundle of parsley
– 3 Lemon
– Baking soda


Clean lemon with baking soda to release it from impurities.

First boil the water and then leave to cool.

Chop the lemon and parsley, then add the water.

Cover the container and store in the refrigerator for drinking.

Stir drink the next day and put it in a jar or bottle.

Drink 100 grams of this healthy beverage.