Recipe For Liver Regeneration In Just 5 Days!

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    The liver is an important organ for several reasons, including the fact that it produces energy and removes toxins from the body.However, this great cleaner of the body due to the accelerated lifestyle and fatigue can impair the functionality. Therefore, it is important to occasionally help the body to rest, clean up and restore.

    There are several factors that can cause liver disease, and some of them are:

    – Infections Hepatitis
    – Fatty Liver Disease
    – The influence of medication, including herbal medicines
    – Congenital anomalies of the liver

    To help your liver to strengthen its functionality, in addition to compliance with the child, avoiding alcohol, fatty foods and carbonated soft drinks should prepare this detox juice that has proven to be very effective, and preparation is very easy.


  • A cup of water
  • One medium-size clove beet
  • Carrot One or two smaller
  • An apple


Put the ingredients in a blender or even better in a blender, mix them and mix until smooth. If you do not add water, the mixture can be eaten as a porridge or adding water you can drink as juice. For you to choose.

Drink juice on an empty stomach in moderate sips, after first drinking a tablespoon of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon.

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