PROVEN: The More Educated You To A Higher Risk To Get Cancer Of The Brain!

Most people are trying to come to the graduation of a college, but she can not bring you the trouble.


Higher education usually brings a better job, income, and therefore quality of life. However, the latest research suggests that university education increases the risk of suffering from a brain tumor.

In the Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health published a study, which was conducted to demonstrate the connection between economic status and three types of tumors: glioma is the most common, meningioma. which is generally benign and acoustic neurinoma, which is a non-cancerous tumor of the brain, published by CBS News.

– It’s previous research on this subject, which gave conflicting findings, but their methodology was challenged, too much homogeneity examined groups – said Amal Kanolkar, author of the study.

His study included 4.3 million Swedes born between 1961 and 1991. They were followed from 1993 to 2010 and observed the appearance of the development of brain tumors.

This vicious disease is diagnosed in as many as 7,100 women and 5,700 men in the study.

Men who have spent three or more years in college have a 19 percent higher risk of developing brain cancer than those with secondary education.

The most common form of cancer that occurs in this type of men glioma, a tumor that attacks the nervous system.


Highly educated women are even more vulnerable, because with them the risk of developing glioma than 23 percent higher risk of carrying the uneducated members of the population. The risk of meningioma was 16 percent higher.

Scientists are nonetheless pointed out that this result due to the fact that the more educated people are more aware of the symptoms and to seek medical help more often.