Proudly Show Off The Body This Summer: Domestic Fat That Deeply Eliminate Cellulite

We all know what is cellulite and how they start to be taken into account diet, drinking, physical preparation and the like.

We also know that it can not be removed overnight.

But what can?

You can gradually to break, and all you need is this preparation.

In Teglio of 150 ml pour child cream and add chopped five to six tablets Mumia and equalize.

Squeeze a little lemon juice and 5 drops of oil of cinnamon.

Leave in the fridge for 10 hours.

Thus, the domestic anti-cellulite cream is ready to break the cellulite.

Do not forget that you need kristiti so no is very rubbed into the skin, even better if you do massage.

Repeat the process until it is removed, you will not immediately see the results, it will take some time and prolonged use, just be patient