Press This Point On Their Feet And Solve The Back Pain

If you constantly sore back, and you do not have time and money for expensive, long-term therapy, try this simple massage for which you need a good will and a few minutes of time.


When foot massages, to relieve tension in the back, disappearing pain and stiffness. Foot massage you can do yourself, and Equally is good if you love someone else.

The result of massage you will feel after the first time. In addition, a foot massage is not only very pleasant procedure, but also incredibly useful for your health.

Take for yourself a few minutes a day and you will certainly be better.

Foot massage against back pain:

– To begin with, it is necessary to find the “backbone” on his foot.
– Sit on the floor cross-legged. Take in the hands of any foot.
– The line between the heel and the big toe on the inner arch of the foot is a projection of your spine.Stopala

– Visually divide this line into parts: baptism, middle back, thoracic and cervical spine. The lower back is closer to the heel, a toe closer to the top.
– He thumbed hands well mash this line in the direction from the heel to the toe.
– If there are problems in the back, you’ll find their reflection. They feel sore and calloused paws.
– By massaging these points, acting directly on the spine.