Prepare Miraculous Potion For A Flatter Stomach And Thighs That Gives Fast Results! (RECIPE)


For this drink many claim that after four days of regular consumption of this drink can lose 3 pounds and removed 10 inches around the waist.

And drink you can make yourself, if you have fresh ginger, fresh mint leaves, a cucumber, a lemon and 8.5 glasses of water.

Wash lemon divide it in half and remove seeds. Each half of the little cuts and place in a bowl of water (8.5 cup).

Do not peel the lemon, but do not squeeze the juice into the water. Cucumber Peel and Grate into rings and add it to the water.

Peel the ginger and grate a medium size in the mixture.

Mix together one more time, cover and refrigerate overnight. Sasi water contains 0 calories and is known to own water (8 glasses a day) greatly facilitates weight loss, while other ingredients accelerate the process of burning fat and safely reduce stomach and thighs, even if with a little practice, the results are visible after day.

The next day, drink only Sassy water, chilled, when you’re thirsty. You will need to prepare a fresh Sassy water with the above ingredients at least during the four mural, to see the results. Water can and strain every time you put it on the glass.