Prepare A Completely Natural Treatment For Healthy And Beautiful Hair



Baking soda is more popular thanks to its wide range of power use.
Soda has properties for beautiful hair, because it removes any residue of shampoo or balm, providing a healthy glow after just a few treatments.

Shampoo of baking soda

Mix the baking soda and water in a ratio of 1: 3, and pour the mixture in a small bottle of shampoo. Apply the solution to dry or damp hair from root to the end.

Allow the solution act 1-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. This shampoo not a penny, but be patient and you will see the final results.

Use warm water to remove any debris.

Note that you can adjust the amount of the solution depending on the length of hair. For example, in the case of long hair to his shoulders, mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 3 times the amount of water.

After you wash your hair, apply vinegar that you mix with water in the ratio 1: 4. It is advisable to pre-prepare the mouthwash.

To avoid the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of lavender, mint, rosemary or other essential oils in a mixture of vinegar. Tilt your head back and close your eyes, as vinegar avoid contact with eyes.