Pharmacists Unsuccessfully Trying To Cover Up: The Man Cured Lung Cancer Using This!

The combination of cannabis oil and chemotherapy cure is this man of “incurable” lung cancer. Now he tries to help others to heal …


Not long ago, 50-year-old man from Illinois had a diagnosis of lung cancer. Doctors told him that he has about a year of life, but could opt to undergo chemotherapy to prolong its life. Many do not know whether the survival rate of lung cancer is incredibly small. For the patient in the fourth stage the probability of recovery is 1%.

Aware of his appearance against serious disease, Darren Miller decided to supplement their treatment with chemotherapy Cannabis oil. Clearly, not only wanted to prolong his life, he wanted to save him.

Having explored the benefits of cannabis oil and reading hundreds of stories of other people about healing, Miller was convinced that the treatment is right for him. Miller’s wife quit her job in order to qualify for medical assistance, and they moved to California, where he could turn the controversial treatment legally.

Seven months later, Darren was officially cured of cancer and has a hospital documents to prove it.

After recovering from ‘incurable’ cancer, Miller and his wife moved back to Illinois. He now runs a program with cannabis to help others who are struggling as he was.