PERFECT AND SIMPLE SOLUTION: Anti-Dandruff, Hair Loss And For Its Rapid Growth!

Did you know that the hair mask with ordinary yeast pretty simple, but very effective tool that works wonders, even the most neglected hair? The result of the application of these masks, not only high quality, but also durable.

Masks of yeast suitable for all hair types, and irreplaceable in the fight against hair loss and for its rapid growth. Special attention to this product should pay people who have a disease related to hair growth – seborrhea, eczema. Furthermore, using a mask of the yeast will successfully get rid of dandruff.


Using the mask of the yeast, you can achieve amazing effects. But the implementation procedures for the recovery of hair must be systematic, not “once in a while.” In this case, the result, an efficient, rapid and long-term, you will not wait long. As a preventive measure and for faster hair growth, the mask of the yeast used once a week for 10-15 procedures. After a break three months and repeat if necessary. If your goal is the treatment of hair – restoration and strengthening of structures damaged hair, masks based on yeast should be administered two times a week for 6-8 weeks. If necessary, repeat the procedure for 3 months.

Mask of yeast against decay and to strengthen thin and weak hair.


In 1 soup spoonful of warm milk dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey or sugar, add 20 g of fresh yeast. Leave in a warm place to ferment (grow), 15-20 minutes. Then add 1 egg yolk. Stir all the components to a uniform mixture. The resulting mixture Apply to clean, damp hair. Wrap nylon bag and a towel. Leave the head 50-60 minutes (at least), after the hair with water and with some balm.

These masks require warming (towel, cap) in order to create optimal conditions for the growth of colonies of yeast fungi. With their increase, increases the concentration of protein, vitamins and minerals, which penetrate the hair follicle. The smell, which you will feel during the mask disappears after washing, when the hair is completely dry.

Composition of masks can be changed, adding castor or olive oil, yogurt, juice, aloe, etc., but the main ingredient yeast – remains the same. To note once again: using masks based yeast can achieve incredible, long-term results, but you need to be consistent and to follow the recommendations outlined in the beginning of this article.

Already after the first application, the hair is given a special amazing shine, especially in the sun. The density and volume of hair (my thin, oily and weak hair) – without wealth, without additional funds for hair styling. The difference is very noticeable and visible. The hair like that is more comprehensive, strong, does not operate on the streets everywhere. Like that after application, the mask does not leak under the purse. I tried it and the clean and the dirty hair. When washing the mask, wash your hair with 2 egg yolks (when applied to dirty hair). After washing with egg yolks, hair as if reborn. Or use homemade shampoo with mummy.

This mask really deserves attention. I use it recently, I can not even point out all its qualities, but after 2 months of recommended use will declare your pictures before and after. Can you begin treatment, and after the exchange of their experiences. I read a lot of praise Comments on Russian forums, but this picture is published one girl. The hair at the beginning of treatment, and after 6 months.Captivating. This is me and encourage the use of masks from yeast.