Peanuts Keeps Health

Consuming only 30 g of food a week could reduce mortality from cardiovascular events for 23-28 percent.

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GOOD news for fans of peanut: consuming only 30 g of food per week (usually with a balanced menu) could reduce mortality from cardiovascular events for 23-28 percent, and in the case of other diseases for 17-21 percent! This conclusion came as US researchers from Vanderbilt University, after years of studying diet about 70,000 Americans and 130,000 Chinese. Rich in protein, vitamins, oligo-elements, fiber, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, peanut is both nutritious and healing. Among the many useful ingredients, the favorite snack of all generations, abundant or deficient in iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus … And what is very important, does not contain cholesterol.

His B group vitamins soothing effect on the nervous system, which is especially recommended as an anti-stress foods. Other ingredients for rejuvenating the body, improve memory and attention, improve hearing, soothe long-lasting dry cough. Vitamin E stimulates the function of sex glands and positively affect the potency.

Researchers at the Swedish University of Linkoping found that the amino acid arginine, which in peanuts are abundant, works on the cause of tuberculosis, helping faster recovery of patients. This conclusion came after treatment of 120 patients who were given daily 30 grams of peanuts. Arginine plays a key role in the formation of nitric oxide, which protects the body from the cause of tuberculosis.

Moderate consumption of peanut non-salted regulates the level of glucose in the blood of diabetics (type 2), triglycerides and cholesterol.