Only One Jar Of Dried Figs In Olive Oil, Makes Miracle In Body! (RECIPE)

The fig with olive oil is typical of coastal areas, but if it is so healthy, why should it not be for everyone else. The bacteria in the digestive organs and infertility are some problems, where the compound fruit and oil produces results. Some women say they are the natural remedy helped to have children.


Figs are interesting and very appreciated fruit juicy fruits. Someone loves them, and some do not. Many are held in the gardens as an ornamental plant, due to the characteristic of exotic leaves. The plant grows best in warm regions, close to the sea, but can be grown in the continental interesting areas. The trouble is that it is delicate at low temperatures.

Figs contain a lot of calcium, potassium, zinc and are a good source of iron, then beta-carotene, C, A, E and K vitamins.

Dried figs are a lot more calories than fresh, so they should be eaten in limited quantities.

Fig improves digestion, helps with hemorrhoids, and contributes to the regulation of cholesterol. The fig tree has a mild laxative effect. In terms of calcium, which is important, figs can replace dairy products (if someone does not support). Figs apply for an aphrodisiac. Milk from the fig tree has the ability to eliminate warts.There are people who are allergic to the fig tree, but care should be taken.

The recipe for dried figs in olive oil

Dried figs (40 pieces) agree in a jar, then pour olive oil to the top of the jar. Close and kept so for 40 days. Figs will absorb a lot of olive oil. After that is eaten by one fig tree before each meal.

Many will say that this is not tasty, but it is useful. Be sure to keep in mind that for this recipe used as quality olive oil, as well as high-quality dried figs.

This old folk recipe can help with stomach problems, hemorrhoids, constipation, high cholesterol, infertility, anemia, asthma and bronchitis.