Mixed Banana And Water And For All Get Rid Of This Terrible Torment (RECIPE)

In addition to being very tasty, bananas are healing. Make this wonderful mixture, that kids love, in just five minutes


Medicinal cream of bananas is an excellent natural remedy for coughs, whose efficacy tested in the treatment of persistent cough and bronchitis. It is particularly effective in children but also in adults. Tasty, healthy and very nutritious. Has a beneficial effect on the stomach.

If your child is troubling throat and cough you must try to make this wonderful mixture! Preparation is very simple, and the children is free to worship.


-2 medium ripe bananas (the best are those with brown bottle flakes)
-2 tablespoons sugar or honey (if using honey, it should be added when the mixture cool slightly, because among lose its properties at high temperatures)
-400 ml of boiling water


Peel the bananas. Good mash them with a fork. Add the sugar and mix well. Pour the boiling water, cover and let sit for 30 minutes. If you use honey, add it at the end, when the mixture has cooled. A mixture of strain through a plastic strainer (do not have to if you do not want).


Quantity cream is for one serving, and can be eaten bit by bit throughout the day.Shortly should feel significantly reduce coughing.