Miraculous Drink: The Recipe For A Potion That Breaks The Excess Fat In Less Than A Month

Yes, you read that right. This healthy drink should you get rid of fat. With this will, thanks to its ingredients, speed up metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins

What is important is that you follow the instructions and to prepare it exactly according to the recipe and drink regularly. And the first results should be shown for less than a month days.

For preparation you need:
A cup of tomato juice, 1/4 cup lemon juice, grated ginger scoop, one hot pepper (or half a teaspoon of pepper) and two stalks of celery ( medium size) .

Mix tomato juice and lemon, ginger and ground hot pepper. You will receive 220 ml of the drink. Serve in glass cups and add the drink whole celery stalks .

Celery is eaten along with sipping the drink, The Independent newspaper wrote. Daily between meals prepare three cups of fat thugs, but if you prepare more drink in advance, store it in the fridge.