Miracle – A Mask For All Skin Types: Dazzle Beautiful Face In Just 15 Minutes!

Tired of problems with complexion, dryness, flaking, redness, blackheads, enlarged pores, pimples …? If you want to shine in new splendor, http://healthyeating-healthyliving.net/ brings you the recipe for this Miracle Mask!


This powerful mask will solve everything that we have previously stated. For regular use of this mask, the skin becomes smooth, toned, shiny, soft, significantly reduced wrinkles and freed inflammation.

Miracle Mask – the recipe:


– 3 tablespoons fine oatmeal or oat flour
– 1 bag of chamomile tea or pulverized chamomile flowers
– 100-150 ml of boiling water or milk


Pour the bag of chamomile (or chop the flower). Mix fine oatmeal or oat flour (grind flakes). Poured over it with 100-150 ml of boiling water or milk. Leave a few minutes to swell, to turn into a denser mixture. While still warm (even slightly hot), this mixture Apply to cleansed face in a thick layer. To mask does not fall off the face, you can put gauze over it.

After 15 minutes, all light rubbing to remove and wash with warm water.

The face will be like in the baby. The redness disappears, the skin becomes healthy, smooth, soft and firm. Regular use of this miracle mask and you will not have a problem with your complexion.