Many Suffer From Poor Circulation And Are Not Even Aware That A Problem Can Be Solved In 20 Minutes!

Many people have problems with circulation, and we will be in the below list some simple exercises that will stimulate your circulation. In addition, it will help if and to control weight.


This should be done when you get up, ie. to incorporate stretching into your morning ritual, a few minutes.

Exercise for joints

Stand on your feet, then stop at orste and lift the heel to 2-3 seconds. Try to tighten the muscles and repeat at least 10 times.

Circulation feet

This exercise envisions sitting on a chair and turning your feet in a clockwise direction. Do this 10 times and will improve circulation in the legs.


Do sets of 10 push-ups and you will get the necessary energy and make you feel better.


Walking is beneficial because it improves blood flow in the body, and acts by reducing blood pressure. Therefore walk as much as possible and you will be healthy.


Take a bicycle ride as often as possible and will improve blood flow to the lower extremities.


Swimming helps supply Kislik in the lungs and heart, and an excellent and muscles, and joints.


Yoga techniques help in our circulation, so you can begin to practice.


Dancing helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and to solve problems with circulation.