Maclura: Valuable Aid In The Treatment Of Tumors

Horse apples, Osage orange, monkey ball, Adam’s apple … these are all names for maklura (maclura pomifera), a deciduous tree of the mulberry family originating from North America.


On the tree blossoms can be found only one sex (male or female), and for the formation of fruits needed two plants in the immediate vicinity.Search drained soil, sunny areas, but growing and very poor terrain.

The plant is often used to strengthen the immune system, as well as in the treatment of gynecological problems, including cysts. In folk medicine used in the therapy of tumors of the breast, colon, stomach, uterus, cancer of the larynx, lung and prostate cancer because it is rich in antioxidants. Tincture must precisely prepare because it takes a very long time, sometimes more than a year, because only long-term use of an effect, according to folk healers.

Is also used in cleansing the body of toxins, relieves fatigue, kills viruses and strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Milky juice plant is used to treat a variety of skin diseases. It has a significant therapeutic effect in the treatment of sciatica, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, burns, wounds and ulcers.

Also used as an insect repellent, a juice from the fruit (diluted with water in equal proportion) for treating plants and preventing the development of fungi. It is often planted for decorative reasons deep shade it provides, as well as the interesting combination of green leaves with yellow fruits.