LONG LIVE THE MORE THAN 200 YEARS: The Oldest Man In The World Revealed On His Deathbed His Secret Of Longevity


Wu Chung-chi, a professor at Chengdu University, found the records of the Chinese imperial government in 1827, in which Li Qing Yuen congratulates 150th birthday, and then records from 1877 in which he congratulates 200th birthday.

It is alleged that Li Qing Yuen Travarsko began his career at the age of 10, started to collect plants from mountain belts and studying their effect on longevity. He is almost 40 years old and living on a diet that included Lingzi (Reishi), Godzi berries, wild đinseng, he šu vu, gotu cola and rice wine.

He at age 71, in 1749, joined the Chinese army as a teacher of martial arts. It is said that the people really like to get married 23 times and had over 200 children.

According to generally accepted stories in the province of its origin, Li is in its tenth year, has already traveled widely in Kansu, Shanxi, Tibet, Anam, Siam and Manchuria to collecting plants. He worked his first 100 years, and then began to sell other plants that are collected.He sold Lingzi, Godzi berries, wild đinseng, he šu vu, gotu cola, and many other Chinese herbs.

However, Li was not the only one who can do this job. It is said that on one occasion met a man 500 years old he learned Qigong exercises and recommended him what to eat in order to live as long as possible.

Li said on his deathbed: “I did everything that was needed in this world.” Did they say another secret of longevity? / They asked him what was his secret, and he replied: “Be quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.”

Li maintained a calm mind and practicing breathing exercises, but his diet has played a key role.

Considering that the average life expectancy in the West currently between 70 and 85 years, the idea that one lives more than 100 years is quite remarkable, while the idea that someone can live over 200 years of science fiction. Why do not people believe they can not live this long?

It must be taken into account that not all people live on this planet under stress, not to breathe all the polluted city air, to exercise regularly, do not eat processed foods or foods sprayed with pesticides, etc.

Some people do not eat fatty foods, sugary desserts and genetically modified foods. They do not consume antibiotics do not drink alcohol and do not use tobacco. Moreover, they are entered super-food that strengthen the immune system.

It is important to spend a lot of time outdoors, exercising, meditating and improving mental, physical and emotional health. It should be sufficient sleep and carry out enough time in the sun.

If we all did the things we should do, as it is said Li, it is certain that the life span of 100 years, is no longer a myth. Who knows how long we live, when to treat your body right.