Juice Which Will Prevent The Occurrence Thrombi And Blood Clotting, But Also Prevent The Risk Of Stroke

The juice of the kiwi is something that needs to insert in daily use because it is beneficial for the body and is filled with a variety of healthy ingredients.
It is great tool for those who have problems with the sand in the kidney and gall bladder. The juice of the kiwi will give you a large amount of potassium and fiber, but it can protect you from developing heart bolesti.U below you can read what a good kiwi and an excellent recipe for syrup kiwi …
Why is it good to drink juice kiwi? It works on the human body in this way:

It frees the kidneys, bladder and gall bladder of the presence of lime and sand,
-prevents kardiovaskulativne disease,
-prevents the occurrence of thrombus and blood clotting,
-reduces the risk of stroke,
-protects the vitality of cells,
-affects favorably on vision and prevents eye diseases (cataracts, diverticulosis, conjunctivitis … ),
-stimulates recovery of the body,
-protects the DNA from the harmful effects of free radicals, and of heart attack,
-strongly detoxifies the body,
-improves immunity,
-prevents the formation of fatty deposits,
-relieves symptoms of bronchitis, chronic cough and other lung diseases in children and adults (research have shown -that in people who have developed some form of lung disease, if you regularly consume fresh kiwi juice kiwi, -increasing capacity breath for up to 32% and reduces the frequency of urge to cough as much as 27%),
removes cellulite
Promote healthy skin,
works the ability to remember.
You should be careful with the amount of daily juice of kiwi. You should not drink more than 1 -2 times you dilute the juice with water because it may cause allergies to kiwi.

JUICE kiwi Recipe

To prepare the syrup from the Kiwis need:

1.5 kg of fresh and peeled kiwis.
A pound of sugar.
1.5 liters of water
Peel the kiwis and chop, put it in a blender and chop finely.

If you do not have at hand blender, you can use the machine to grind tomatoes. Then, so fragmented kiwi puree through a thick sieve to free the greater the amount of juice. Then, boil the water, when the water boils wait for it to cool.
And in the drained juice kiwi add boiled water which previously prohladila and half a kg of sugar. Mix for about 20 minutes until the sugar is completely melted. Sterilize glass bottles into which you pour homemade kiwi juice and put it in the fridge. Before using the juice, dilute it with water.

Juice or syrup kiwi contains: vitamin A, vitamin B complex vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, carotenoids, iron, chlorophyll, lutein, carbohydrates, flavonoids and therefore recommended that used in feeding baby is especially recommended kiwi in pregnancy.

The juice of the kiwi is very tasty and healthy, we hope to have you managed to persuade him to try to create one.