It Refreshes And Invigorates: This Juice Is A Source Of Health

Maybe you drink only in varieties of cocktails, such as “Bloody Mary”, or tomato juice should be to find a regular place on your table, of course, no alcohol additives.

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Of the common antioxidants are represented by vitamin C and E and beta-carotene, and the minerals potassium and manganese. It contains the flavanones, flavonols and carotenoids which are classified and most phytonutrient tomatoes – lycopene that helps to fight cancer cells and is effective in many diseases.

Restores communication channels between cells and helps the elimination of carcinogenic substances and toxins from the body and is responsible, except for the red color of tomatoes, as a powerful ally in the fight against a number of health complications and diseases.

This powerful antioxidant protects our body from free radicals and premature aging and regulates the level of blood fat. Our body can not produce lycopene, which is why it is necessary to consume food.

If you are not a fan of fresh tomatoes, do not worry – the utilization of lycopene is better if you eat cooked.

That’s why experts recommend a daily glass of tomato juice.