It Really Works! The Best Natural Remedy For Aching Backs And Joints

I happen to find myself in the company where they talked about health. There was talk about the problem with the spine and pain in the leg. One elderly lady gives advice to another.


He says take a handful of blue clay and mixed as bread with vinegar, if he really then diluted with a little water. In this goes several peaks nettle that first of truth or grind. When it’s all over put the mixture on the cloth and nylon. Sore spot with olive oil and put this coat. Seven days and the pain from the leg to stop.

Yeah clay has healing properties and stimulates defense mechanisms known for a long time. Sick or injured animals, for example, has always sought to earth containing clay into it ‘bury’ the sick part of the body and always make it unmistakably found.

Today, the healing power of clay and recognized medical it is known that clay contains many mineral salts and trace elements, followed by aluminum, potassium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron, silver, magnesium, copper and lead.

Clay help heal wounds, eliminate impurities from tissues, blood and lymph circulation, increases the reduced radioactivity in the body, and absorbs too much, so it is especially recommended after or between the radiation lubricate the affected area.

Clay helps with many diseases: anemia, respiratory diseases, arteriosclerosis, intestinal disorders, poisoning, ulcers, excess stomach acid, skin changes, hair loss, painful menstruation, and you can take if you have specific health problems, for detoxification or lifting power.

Clay as a compress is applied so that the mix with distilled water, make of it medium thick paste that you apply on the sore spot. It is important to note that the clay does not ferrying in metal containers or mixed metal spoon. Contact with metal-changing properties.

If you have problems with your knees or spine, be persistent. In addition to ‘draw’ the pain, Clay has incredible power regeneration of cartilage but might help with diseases that you doctors recommend surgery or who have given up. In this case, be patient and clay lubricate at least several months. / As the clay drink: One teaspoon (plastic or wood) clay blur in a glass beaker in 1.5 dl of plain water and let stand overnight. Clay is always drunk in the morning, fasting.

First week of morning drink only water and sediment of clay leave the bottom of the glass. Other week  mix the residue in water and let it rest, and then drink the medium muddy water and clay that are shrugged at the bottom of the glass leave. The third week in the morning mix the clay sediment and water and drink it all at once.

Very soon you will notice the beneficial effects, and even those who do not have any problems, you will feel that the body cleared, their skin cleaner and brighter, have more energy.

And do not be afraid, clay leaves no residue in the body or the intestines, and sometimes they are long and soldiers suffering from typhus, dysentery and various infections treated by drinking a solution of clay. Procure it can in health food stores and herbal pharmacies, you just have to note that you need clay for drinking, one for lining is a little larger.