Interesting Facts About Milk


In India, half the population drinks milk from buffaloes.

The peoples who live around the Mediterranean Sea is very much consumed sheep’s and goat’s milk, while milk food chamois nations in northern Europe.

In Mongolia milk of mares one of the favorite treats.
It takes 29 cups of milk for one gram of butter.

About 87 per cent of milk is water, and the rest are valuable substances for man’s diet and health – calcium, proteins and vitamins.

Cow produces 90 glasses of milk a day, or about 200,000 glasses during his lifetime.

If you had a spicy food, drink a glass of milk. Milk contains casein, which reduces the burning sensation in your mouth.

The latest research shows that it is precisely the contribution of calcium from milk, not calcium carbonate, the greater the strengthening and proper development of bones and skeletons in adolescence and that the use of milk as a source of calcium to build bones in later life far less susceptible to osteoporosis .

On the market there and lactose-free milk that enables all lovers of milk intolerant to milk sugar that without the accompanying problems (indigestion, abdominal pain) enjoy the white beverage.