Incredibly Fast! Remove Small Warts On The Skin With A Single Ingredient!

To remove them, you need only one ingredient, but it’s vinegar.

It is believed that the most effective vinegar drugs which all have at home.

It can be used to treat various medical conditions, as well as the removal of warts, due to its acidity.

Carefully wash the area around the nipple with water and mild soap.

Soak often placed in vinegar and squeeze excess.

Place often placed directly on the wart and secure with a bandage, to make sure that you will stay in place.

Leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with water.

Repeat this process three times a day, several days to a week or more if necessary.

Depending on the size of the nipple, usually seen small scar and should be lubricated marigold ointment or aloe vera gel.