If You Appear Hair In The Ears, raced to the doctor! Otherwise, it may be too late


New research show the link between the hairs inside the ear and a deadly disease.

Of hairs inside the ear may indicate an increased risk of heart attack, according to some research.

A study conducted by Dr. T. Frank Sanders and his team, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, and shows that a diagonal crease in the earlobe may be a sign of heart disease, says “Natural and Healthy Life”.

Experts have found that there is a connection between the hairs in the ear canal, and coronary artery disease.

Group of doctors, including Richard F. Wagner School of Medicine at Boston University, it is assumed that the cause clots in the arteries can be prolonged exposure to an androgen, a small hormones.


In 1989 published an article on the subject in the Indian Heart Journal. The article was presented the results of research conducted on 215 patients in India, and it dealt with the relationship between the earlobe, hair in the ear and coronary artery disease.

While some experts ‘culprit’ seen in testosterone as the main cause of integration hairs in the ear and heart attacks, while others think that this is a typical characteristic of the aging process, and people are dying from a heart attack due to age or obesity, not because you have hair in ears.