If Women Knew That These Foods Prevent The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Would Never Encroached On The Artificial Creams!

For a total of 12 treatments in 12 days would not be recognized, you would look fantastic! Flax seeds from these masks contributes to health your subcutaneous tissue, fat cells and rejuvenates restoring the youthful appearance of the area around the face, especially in sensitive areas of the skin around the eyes, where the skin is thinnest and prone to wrinkles.

Put a tablespoon of flax seeds in a bowl and pour over the third cup of boiling water, swish a few minutes and then cover it with a napkin and let stand until the evening. Squeeze mixture that evening. Use a gel-like body of water in which flax seed left its medicinal properties. Apply this solution linseed to cleansed face and neck using a cotton swab. You do not have to worry about avoiding eye appetizers, free solution and apply there. When the mask dries on your face – re-lubricate. This procedure is repeated five times.

Raises features, tones and tightens the skin.
Reduces wide pores.
Hydrates the skin.
It serves as a peeling of the skin.
Reduces excess sebum on oily skin.
Helps prevent the formation of acne and blemishes from the face.
It slows the formation of wrinkles and eliminates the creation of fine lines on the face because it has properties that intensive anti-aging.