Good sleep is essential for good health and enables the brain to eliminate toxins. While the lack of sleep is harmful, excessive sleep can also negatively impact on health.

How long should sleep?

Although adults should have about 8 hours of sleep, it is not appropriate for all ages. For example, children under 18 need more sleep.

Although an hour more or less sleep once in a while is not harmful if it Pósán habits can lead to serious health problems. Here are the 7 reasons why you should pay attention to your sleep habits:


Back pain can be quite debilitating you, leaving you in bed. Sleeping too much can cause back pain because weak muscles on the back. So instead of staying in bed, do some low intensity exercises to help you strengthen your back muscles.


Staying long in bed can disrupt metabolism, so that instead of using the energy you “save”. A recent study involving two groups sudionika.Imali similar exercise and dijete.Međutim group of participants who slept ten hours a night are more prone to the likelihood of becoming obese.


About 15% of people with depression sleep too.


Excessive sleep often causes headaches. It can also damage certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. Consequently, a person may suffer from headaches day.


Too much or too little sleep can reduce your body’s ability to process glucose, and it can lead to type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance over time.

6.Disease HEART

Our heart needs rest in order to properly funkcionisalo.Istraživanja show that women who sleep around 11 hours each night have a higher chance of suffering from heart disease compared to those who have eight hours of sleep.


Although this phenomenon is not fully tested, people with nine or more hours of sleep are more likely death compared to those who sleep eight hours.

To overcome these problems:

1. Make sleep schedule: a strict schedule that is compatible to your lifestyle. Disconnect all devices one hour before going to sleep, meditate or practice yoga.
2nd Shower: take a shower with cold water every time you are sleeping.

3. Exercise:
Exercise right after you wake up, clean your mind, increases energy levels and make you ready for the day!

4. Water: Drink a glass of warm water after you wake up to stay hydrated throughout the day.

5th Maintain motivation: find interesting activity . On hus dream you will not escape from everyday life.