How To Treat Herniated Disc Naturally

Disc herniation and other disorders of the spine is most common between thirty and fifty years of age.

The reason for this is that the natural process of aging spinal discs begin in childhood and early youth, so it is not surprising that the disease occurs and a person of twenty godina.S other hand, after fifty discs lose a substantial amount of water, and are less likely to “leak”.

Herniation SYMPTOMS

– Symptoms of disc herniation differ when it comes to the lumbar or cervical part of the spine.
– Pain in the lower back
– Tingling or pain that runs down the leg
– pain in the gluteal region
– Tingling or pain in the calves
– pain in the knee or around it
– Posture is distorted
– Tingling in the feet – annealing
– Weaker control urination
– Weak control foot
– Pain at start angle (stretching of the body, tilting, bending, rotation)
– Sexual dysfunction
– Stinging leg or feeling cold in the legs

In the event of contact with the spinal cord there are problems with the whole body.


Intervertebral disc consists of a fibrous ring surrounding the core of a gel, which contains a lot of time vode.S causes weakening of that ring, small cracks and cracking when the gelatin content of leaks – and pressed disc herniation nerve, which leads to the known condition called sciatica.

In addition to hereditary factors, on which we can not influence, a herniated disc may be caused by the excessive workload and insufficient relief of the spine.

The nutrition disc works on the principle of sponges (since they have no blood vessels) – upright increases pressure in them and displace the harmful substances, while resting or sitting with a backrest angle of 45 degrees, the pressure decreases and nutrients entering the discs.

Modern lifestyle brings with it too much load (primarily sitting and standing), a little relief, leading to malnutrition and rapid deterioration of the discs.

Tome patron and poor posture, obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity, causing the muscles become weak, and they, in addition to disk drives, provide support to the spine.

Herniation TREATMENT

In the case of amplification problems, disc herniation must operate.

However, it is not easy to go “under the knife” but before that it may be better to try natural treatment

Cut into slices a mediocre potatoes, but prvijte sick mjesta.Takođe instead can propžiti the oil ten cloves of garlic (which previously squashed) and as a warm mixture onto painful places and hold the next 3 h.

It also recommended taking, in addition to calcium and magnesium, B complex vitamins which help in regeneration of eventually damaged nerves