How To Stop Hiccups

Although it can be very uncomfortable, hiccups is not serious, or you can try a few tricks to stop hiccups.

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To prevent future hiccups get used to slowly eat and drink. Avoid taking excessive amounts of food and drink at once and always a good chew food.

These methods work by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the body, thus relaxes the diaphragm.

1. Inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds, or exhale before you catch vertigo.

2. Put a paper bag (not plastic) over the mouth and nose and sigh several times and exhale.

3. Use your finger and thumb to firmly push a point on each side of the neck below the base of the skull from two to three minutes, the same time breathe fast and shallow. This calms the nerve that controls the diaphragm clamping.

4. Slowly drink cold water or suck on an ice cube. Another option is to bend your head forward over a glass of water and slowly sipping the opposite side of the glass. Rhythmic contractions of the esophagus caused by slow drinking and swallowing also help prevent spasms of the diaphragm.