How To Remove Adipose Tissue With Natural Way!

Fat tissue in the head, neck, arm, armpit is a benign growth that might crop up at any age. Medical these growths called lipomas.


In addition they may incur and atheroma, which appear as tiny beads or subcutaneous nodules. Their dimensions are of a few millimeters to a few centimeters when they occur and visible changes in the skin, and it is necessary to ask for help from a dermatologist.

Sometimes lipoma fatty tissue occurs only in one place in a single change, although quite often linked this to our body found in several places and cause many inconveniences. What is the real reason for the occurrence of lipoma, with avremena science has not been fully established, although it is an important factor taken genetics, while overweight and increased blood fat levels not seen as the main causes of …

Brown adipose tissue in infants and adults

Fatty tissue throughout the body can be in addition to various forms and places where there are a different color and by which they make out. The first type, which lists the most frequently is seen in small babies. This is certainly a mysterious type of fat function like muscles, which means that successfully burns calories even when stationary.

What is certainly a very interesting fact is that, for years scientists believed that brown fat is found only in babies, but the latest research suggests that a good part of the fat is in the body of an adult man. The latest news is that the long intervals of aerobic physical activity triggered by the release of hormones Iris’s, which allows the conversion of the white adipose tissue to brown.

No one says you have to exercise to exhaustion because of the creation of this positive effect – just 10 to 15 minutes of activity every day to find that this process will run smoothly. Keeping fat in the body is not desirable, because in the long run can affect our health.

Visceral adipose tissue

For these lipomas would be best if they did not, because a damage our health as a whole. Fat tissue in the kidneys or other internal organs is not good. Scientists are not entirely sure why is harmful, but one thing is more than certain, visceral tissue triggers the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, as well as cytokines, which negatively affect the production of insulin.

The results are worse than those caused by a simple thickness (obesity) and include an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and a number of heart diseases. Yet another interesting fact nevertheless encouraging and that is that aerobic activity easily melt visceral fat.

The latest research goes further and deeper into these issues. As to the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease was not enough, American scientists have recently found that people with higher amounts of visceral tissue exposed to increased risk of bone loss. See Article osteoporosis bone. It is believed that hormones from the abdominal fat, such as cortisol, our degrade bone.

White fatty tissue after tijelumasno

They make up most of the fat in our body. However, this is good news, because the white adipose tissue under the skin plays a role of protection and shock absorbers (for example, when you hit or fall). In addition, produces a protein adiponectin which facilitates the regulation of insulin. It is interesting that the final number of cells of white fat that we have determined in childhood.

This means that upon increase of body weight does not increase the number of these cells, but only the ones beyond. Recent studies have shown that most women fat accumulates in the hips and legs although always thought so.

However, the reach menopause, white fat cells begin to spread around the stomach. Researchers long they did not know why it happens, and then the American scientists (Mayo Clinic study) found that decline and lack of estrogen activates certain proteins in the body that stimulate that creates fat on my stomach.

Now we come to the painful point – cellulite. This is normally the old white adipose tissue under the skin, which has a protective role. It looks like orange peel because it puts pressure on the connective tissue, which is manifested by “holes” on the skin. Cellulite can be seen even in lean people, because its appearance largely conditioned by genetic predisposition.

Recent analysis of existing methods for cellulite removal have shown that some of them actually work (reducing the volume of the thigh of an inch). But physical activity are certainly more effective, primarily to prevent, and then the reduction of cellulite. This is partly due to the increase in muscle mass.

Removal of fat tissue naturally

If you are asking themselves how to remove fat without the use of scalpels and other medical supplies to the right place. The most common recommendation of doctors is just a surgical procedure which is performed in general hospitals or in private clinics. Other methods are laser fat removal lipoma radio waves and the like.

What you need to know is that there are no absolute guarantees that you are fat on the head, abdomen, arms or any other part of the body will not reappear after they are subjected to intervention. However it is recommended that the diagnosis be sure to do it with professionals, because sometimes surgery and other listed methods are not necessary, especially if the lipoma is not real physical problems or if you are negligibly small.

Dermatologists then recommended, inter alia, natural methods of treatment. One recipe whose effectiveness is no longer questioned, as he helped in many patients is a mixture of honey with flour.

Recipe No.1:

Make a uniform mixture with flour and honey and put on fat tkivo.PoÅželjno is that the mixture has a thickness of 0.5 to 1 cm. Over which is placed a paper towel, handkerchief or gauze to the mixture does not stick to your clothes.

We now need this natural cure for fat and keep the day after (actually entire 36 hours), and take off and put a new composition. The entire therapy should be kept until you replace the mixture 5 times (7-8 days). Then there will be improvements and visible results because the accumulation of fat to breast and run out all the manure that is collected …

Recipe No. 2:

A number of recommendations folk medicine for this problem, one will act a bit and wonder but brings results comes the sting. Members of the older generation can certainly remember this recipe that eliminates fat tissue at hand, off his stomach. It requires two bee stings directly to the affected area, after which it after seven days to disappear.

How to do it: with the right tweezers to catch a bee sting and turn toward the place where the fat and let it sting. We believe that you had already “hurt as you read these lines, but the sting is not so painful. This certainly should not apply to persons who are allergic so may cause a very serious complications, hospitalization when necessary …

Recipe no. 3

This recipe was sent to us JM reader to successfully remove fat tissue on the wrist. To mix the yolk with two large tablespoons of salt. The resulting mixture coated the affected area up to 4 times a day, until the fat tissue throughout the body disappear.

Recipe no. 4

Propolis drops apply to the area in a few days and fatty tissue on the head, arm, abdomen, legs will soon retire.

If you have any other natural recipe that has helped you to remove the fat, feel free to write in the comments and thus help others to solve their problem.