How To Make The Most Famous Linings For Various Pains And Rheumatism! (RECIPE)


The Chinese for centuries used ginger in the treatment of various diseases. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effect and relieves the pain and is also used for headaches and arthritis.

Can be used as a food additive, can be drunk as juice, and you can make the lining. The coating of ginger is good with rheumatism, muscle pain and swollen veins because ginger penetrates deep into the skin and eliminate the pain.

If you feel a burning sensation, do not worry because this is an indication that this treatment really works.


-Ginger root
-2 tablespoons of sea salt
-4 cloves garlic


Mash well ginger and peel onions. Mix the ingredients well in a mortar with a pestle until a paste. Place the mixture on a plastic film and apply to the painful area.

Use a bandage to fix the foil and allow to cure standing about 6 hours. Note: Do not apply to open wounds ginger.

Ginger can be used instead of strong drugs such as ibuprofen, because it reduces pain, but does not carry side effects. It contains 12 compounds that are excellent for fighting inflammation.

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