How Much Weight Should You According to Your Height?

If your mother always told you that it is quite wrong height of 160 centimeters have 65kg, we have bad news – doctors do not agree. Excess weight is not only an aesthetic problem, but could seriously jeopardize your health, and the same goes for malnutrition and a lack weight. Because look how many kilos you need to have according to your height!

Woman on Scale

There are several ways to determine the ideal body weight, of which probably the most popular is the BMI (body mass index).However, experts warn that any kind is not universal and simply does not apply to all – because every person is built differently.

However, this does not mean that 20 kg excess can be justified with the “heavy bones”, but also no one can deny that the height is not the only thing that determines which weight is ideal for you.

In the following table you will find the answer to that is your Ideal Weight!